сряда, юни 27, 2007

citadines apart'hotel, place d'italie

it's very nice here! and not only i feel really comfortable at the hotel and paris is a magical place. the "courants" program about music and audiovisual industries is (as expected) interesting and i'm learning alot! i also get to meet so very nice people and visit interesting places. and many new and some old ideas are banging in my head... hopefully we'll see most of them realised in the future months. maybe i'll write more at some point and (this is more probably) upload more photos. will have a lot to talk about when i'm back to bulgarie for sure.


Anonymous denski said...

hah, tukmo se 4udeh kude 6te si za july morning.. wtf are you doing in paris????! mda, qvno 6te ima za kakvo da razkazva6 kato se vurne6 :)

2:59 пр.об.  
Blogger Cassey Mendiola said...

The place looks very beautiful. You've highlighted the main features of the place and that's very nice!

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3:02 сл.об.  

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